Bag or No Bag: Why?

Models with bag – High Efficiency Collection

cyclovac_with_shadowCentral vacuums from Cyclo Vac’s High Efficiency Collection are equipped with disposable bags.

This type of central vacuum is chosen mainly because of its ease of maintenance and because there’s no contact with dust when the vacuum is emptied. Indeed, a convenient disposable electrostatic filter bag captures dust and assures maximal and constant suction power, even if the bag is full.

People who suffer from allergies or who have pets will appreciate the fact that they are not in contact with vacuumed dust, dander, feathers or fur. Simply remove the bag, seal it, discard and reinstall a new one. Bags are inexpensive and their replacement depends on frequency of use. Residential With Bag

Models without bag – Tradition Collection

Central vacuum models with filters from our Tradition Collection have many interesting advantages.

This type of central vacuum is chosen mainly because it’s considered environmentally friendly. The centrifugal force simply directs the dust particles to the bottom of the dust canister. Indeed, there’s no bag to throw out and filters can be cleaned.

Furthermore, there are no bags to buy, so in the long term, maintenance is not only ecological, but also less costly. Residential Without Bag