Miele Dishwasher Care

Energy Tabs (72)

Miele’s new phosphate free dishwasher tablets are individually wrapped in a water-soluble wrapper to prevent physical contact with the ingredients and provide added convenience.

Each dishwasher detergent tablet features a powerful enzyme formula that delivers superior cleaning results. Our unique glassware formula protects against etching and special additives protect silverware and stainless steel against corrosion.

They can be used with any brand of dishwasher.

Rinse Aid 500 ml

Specially formulated to speed up drying, prevent water and limescale stains and features an innovative glasscare formula.

Sparkling dishes and glassware come standard when you use Miele’s rinse aid! It’s formulated to prevent long-term etching in glassware and can be used with any brand of dishwasher.

Salt 1.5 kg

Many dishwashers have a built-in water softener to optimize cleaning results. To function perfectly, this softening unit requires special salt.

Miele recommends using our Water-Softening salt. It dissolves during the cycle and leaves no residue. It prevents harmful lime scale and, most importantly, it protects your dishwasher and dishes.