Persil Laundry Supplies



Germany’s No. 1 laundry detergent stands for fibre-deep cleanliness and perfectly cared-for laundry.

With Persil, washing becomes a pleasure – because stubborn soiling and persistent stains don’t stand a chance.

Better for the laundry, better for the environment – that is the new “Persil – better than ever from 20°C”. Persil, with its high-performance active stain remover, offers even better results from just 20°C, enabling the laundry to be washed at low temperatures – with proven Persil cleanliness still abounding, of course. Hence, with Persil, it is possible to both save energy and spare the environment.


Fine fabrics and woolen garments are very delicate and need especially gentle care. They need Perwoll.

The Care To Keep Fabrics Looking New.

  • Perwoll Wool & Silk
  • Perwoll Color
  • Perwoll Sport
  • Perwoll Black
Perwoll Color 1,5 Liter

Because Perwoll knows all about the special needs of delicate fabrics, it cares not just for your woolen garments, but also for sportswear, black fabrics, colored fabrics, and all other kinds of delicate textiles.