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Dyson Rechargeable Vacuums


Unfortunately, Dyson has promoted their Cordless Stick Vacuums with some very misleading advertising. Don’t be fooled. They can be fine for small clean-ups, but are definitely not recommended for whole home cleaning. As a matter of fact, it may take you more time (with poorer cleaning results) to clean your home with a small rechargeable stick vacuum. As technicians, we find that these units DO NOT LAST when used as a full time vacuum.

Due to multiple lawsuits against Dyson. As well as unethical and deceptive marketing by Dyson, we have decided not to carry their products.


Dyson rechargeables have far less power and airflow than a quality plug in vacuum (Miele, Sebo, Kenmore, Panasonic, etc.)

-The Dyson vortex is a flawed design.

-Dyson Rechargeable Stick Vacuums DO NOT stand Upright on their own.

-Filters must be changed close to every 6 months to maintain power. Air-Filters cannot be washed – washing an air-filter may introduce mold spores, cause the filter to harden, and the pores cannot be completely cleaned.

-Lithium ion batteries have a cycle of close to 500 charges – meaning the batteries have a limited lifetime. If you use it 3 times a week, the battery may only last for about 3 years.

-Dyson vacuums void many of the major carpet warranties in North America due to Dyson’s poor powerhead design.

-West Van Vacuum Centre carries different makes and models of cordless vacuums.

When you buy a Dyson, it appears you are paying a premium for all of the advertising.