Bag or Bagless

Without question, bagged vacuums are the most reliable. Bagless vacuums are messy and still require secondary filters that must be regularly changed and that cannot be washed. Washing a filter leaves a residue and clogs, reducing the performance. Even if the suction power is not lost, there is a safe bet that AIRFLOW will be lost. More recently, bagless vacuums have lost their lustre with most consumers.

I have hard floors. Do I need a vacuum?

Yes, a vacuum is the most efficient way of cleaning hard floors. Sweeping hard floors can smear and circulate fine dust particles. Canister and central vacuums are best suited for hard floor surfaces.

How do I know what vacuums have the most power?

You have to move the air to move the dirt, thus a high AIRFLOW rating is very important. A high suction rating alone does not determine a vacuum’s cleaning power. Amps and watts have no direct correlation with performance – these ratings simply indicate the amount of electricity the vacuum is consuming. Do not get taken in by deceptive advertising campaigns. Also, make sure the warranty does not require the vacuum to be shipped off to a distant location.

What vacuums continuously work best for cleaning pet hair and stubborn debris that clings?

For carpets, use a power head that is tooth/cogged belt driven. Avoid vacuums with power heads/brush rollers that are flat belt driven. Flat belts stretch, slip and often break. At West Van Vacuum, we have a number of quality vacuums that will do a fantastic job for many years.