Samsung Canister Vacuums

Mid-Size Canister (with bag)

  • Model E-41 metallic candy apple red
  • No scratch rubber wheels
  • Super light weight
  • Clean and easy dirt empty
  • We add the premium accessory kit and natural fibre floor brush at no extra charge

Multi Chamber Vacuum (Model–VC12F70)

The Samsung Canister VC12F70 turns on a dime, allowing you to easily reach every hard-to-reach spot in your home.

It provides intense suction power thanks to Cyclone Force Multi technology, is asthma and allergy friendly, and features easy-to-reach controls right on the handle.

  • Motion Sync DesignT technology provides swift, stable and smooth vacuuming on any surface. the swivel body allows you to turn on a dime, and the large cambered wheels roll easily over carpets, bumps and hardwood with minimal effort.
  • Cyclone Force Multi technology delivers heavy-duty suction power, using rotating force to separate 99.7% of dust particles from the air and trapping them in 13 inner chambers to prevent filter clogging. Dust stays exactly where it's supposed to - in your vacuum. This machine is asthma and allergy friendly, certified by Allergy Standards Ltd. in partnership with the Asthma Society of Canada. The anti-allergen filter removes allergy-containing dust from carpets and other surfaces, expelling clean air while you vacuum.
  • The PowerBrush has its own built-in motor, which allows for self-propulsion, so the technology does the work for you. Plus, its ultra-wide 15-inch design covers more ground and comes with five different height level options that you can control and adjust as necessary. It also comes with an additional 13-inch brush so you can clean smaller spaces.
  • The remote control handle has easy-to-reach buttons so you can quickly turn the machine on or off and change power modes without interrupting your vacuuming. No more reaching down or kicking buttons with your feet - everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Emptying out your vacuum shouldn't undo all of the cleaning you just finished. The easy-to-empty two-litre dust bin makes disposal simple and tidy. It's easy to carry, doesn't use bags and detaches in a simple pull and empty motion, so you can put all your dust directly into the trash.