Sebo Disco Floor Polisher

SEBO Disco Floor Polisher. Available in Black only.

It’s never been easier to make hard floors shine. The super efficient SEBO DISCO ultra-high-speed floor polisher both polishes and vacuums up remaining polish dust for a super gloss finish.

The attached SEBO vacuum cleaner removes fine dust during polishing. The 2,000 rpm disc speed will create a high gloss shine for a fantastic hard floor finish. Using the SEBO DISCO floor polisher at regular intervals will maintain the beauty and value of your floors.

The SEBO DISCO is effective for all floors for which there is a desired gloss effect.

SEBO Floor Pad – Brillance at Work

The SEBO floor pads have been developed to achieve the optimum polished finish on all suitable surfaces. The red, yellow and green pads are coated with a special resin that is highly abrasion resistant. The dirt is removed and the brilliant gloss surface is restored. No chemical cleaning product is required for the red, yellow and green pads!

In addition, the floor pad is easy to change and maintain.

Patented Torque-Controlled Height Adjustment

The SEBO Disco adjusts the floor pad automatically to the appropriate floor height. The torque of the rotating floor pad is constantly measured ensuring optimal performance on hard floor surfaces. A vacuum seal around the base of the polisher ensures that even the finest dust gets drawn into the intake flow.

Floor Suitability

The Disco Polisher is suitable for the following floors:

  • PVC
  • Natural Stone
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl
  • Thermoplastic
  • Sealed Wood with water resistent finish
  • Any surface with a desired gloss effect.

The Disco Polisher has limited suitability for unsealed or oiled wooden floors, porous natural stone (ie. Slate) and laminate with water resistant finish.

The polisher is not suited for cork, textured surfaces, porous tile (ie. Terracotta), cushion vinyl, uneven tiles with raised edges or any surface that does not have a desired gloss effect.